Challenging students to reach their academic and social potentials

The mission of ALQIMMA SCHOOLS is to provide students with a developmentally appropriate education which emphasizes high academic and social expectations for all students; the opportunities , resources and environment necessary to be lifelong learners; the skills and encouragement needed to be productive, responsible citizens in a changing, global society, and the support required to develop a healthy self-concept leading to sound judgment and appropriate, ethical decision making .

We strongly believe that education is the cornerstone of shaping the individuals character and the route to spiritual, moral, social, cultural, physical and mental development and the well being of the individual.

In addition, we believe in equal opportunities for all students in our schools, irrespective of social background, economic background, culture, race, gender or ability. We also believe in providing a learning environment that is motivating, exciting, and caring so that each student will develop a sense of high self-esteem and academic achievements.

To ensure continuous progress and success, we apply a curriculum that is challenging and research-based.




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